Thursday, 26 March 2009

Needlecases and other stuff

Its been a while since I last posted. I havent been very well again though, so not been up to much apart from work really. Im okayish now though :)

Decided to make some needlecases/needle books for the shop last week. I had orginally had 4, but two decided to mess up haha! So I have two that are good for selling. I plan on making more though, as I have ALOT of kawaii fabric in my fabric box that needs some love :)

They are available in my Etsy shop CandyDoll Couture :)

I also made ALOT of jewellery and accessories for the Artworks Boutique. Took them all through yesterday, Im so excited, finally my things will be in a real shop! Im going next Thurs to their preview event, so Ill get lots of piccies to share of my goodies there!

I also added a glow in the dark cupcake hairclip to the shop, its pretty funky, I may have to make one for myself!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Slightly annoyed

Okay, just a word of advice to people who dont buy goods off the net alot, please please read EVERYTHING before clicking on the buy button, make sure you CAN pay before you click it, otherwise you are wasting your time, and the sellers.

Make sure you read the payment options, as it clearly states on Etsy how you can pay for an item. If everyone did this it would stop alot of wasted fees/time.

Sorry to rant, but I get slightly annoyed when I have time wasters on my hands.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Just a little update...

Wow, Im so happy! I just checked my Etsy and I recieved an email from the Boutique at the Artworks Gallery in Newcastle who are interested in stocking some of my jewellery and accessories! Im so excited, things are finally looking up. And it wont be long till I can buy my screenprinting supplies and start with the big stuff :D Yay! <3

Monday, 16 March 2009

Maker Faire UK

Wow, this weekend has been totally awesome! Tiring, but totally worth it. Cassandra had a spot at the first UK Makers Faire, which luckily for us was only in Newcastle (so not far for us to travel).
It kicked off on Saturday at 10am, and finished yesterday at 5pm. It was really worth it to be there as I got to see first hand how to run a stall at a fair (which is what I want to do soon!). It was a brilliant mix of people, crafters and techies. I met some lovely people, and saw some amazing projects.
Here are some piccies from the faire :)

This was Cassandra's large artwork backdrop she did by hand, how pretty is it!? :)

Haha I dont remember this being taken! Me listening (and looking very serious) to Cassandra explain how the Gocco printer works.

This was the mechanical horse that made noises, played music and moved by remote control, oh and he also breathed fire!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


How CUTE is he!!!???

I REEEEALLY want a persian kitten now, they are the cutest fluffiest things ever!!! ^______^

Funky finds

So, I sort of went abit awol with the whole featured sellers thing didnt I? I had a bit of a blah week, kind of ill :( Im okayish now though, although I need to go back to the docs again to get fixed haha.

Im back on track now though, went to Gee today. Cassandra is getting ready for the Maker Faire this weekend...Im really excited as I havent worked at a *crafty* fair before!

I just wanted to post some adorable things I have found whilst searching the net for my wish list :P One day I will have the money to buy some of these things!!

I adore bright, cute, childish things, so these fit perfectly with my style. Check out the links to visit these awesome sellers' shops and see their other amazing crafty items!

1. Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Resin necklace by FashionCandy

2. Let Them Eat Cupcake Cameo necklace by mlleclorofil

3. Sweet Tattoo Pinup Girls coaster set of 4 by PinkyToast

4. Kimono Cuties gift tags by LemonTreeStudio

5. Lick Your Pick necklace by SugarAndSpiceDIY

6. Wizard Of Oz small clutch by simbiosisbyjulia

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Oh my good god...

I actually cant move :/ I cannot believe how much I can eat haha!!!

My birthday was fab, Karl took me out to Valentinos for a 3 course lunch (oh yeerrr), which was yummy! I then proceeded to have a nap in the afternoon as I was VERY full haha. Theeen, mum took us all out to this really nice chinese restaurant in town. (And I ate another 3 course meal lmao!) Then we came home and I got to open my pressies ^__^

Haha the funny thing was, as I was opening my first present from Karl, my mum goes "Oh crap.." and we looked at her, and she said "I think I have bought you the same thing", hahahaa!!! It turned out she managed to get not one, but TWO of the same things that Karl bought me lol, due to the fact she was nackered when she read his email about what he had got me, and miss-read it all as one thing! Bless her. Soo, i got the awesome William Control CD (Hate Culture), and Innerpartysystem's(two copies of it haha!) new cd, which is one of the best cd's I have listened to in ages. I also got (2 of the same) book, Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I cant wait to read it! Just need to finish American Gods by NG (I am slightly obsessed by him, hes such an awesome author!) I also got the funniest toy ever, a really cool Hello Kitty hand puppet!!

You NEED one in your life, its so funny! ^__^ Check out for it, and lots more cute and cool things!

I also got a Badtz Maru plushie, yaaaay!!! I have been wanting one for ever, and now I have him, he can snuggle in with Hello Kitty in my room :D

He came from UK's home for all things Hello Kitty ;)

Last night we all went bowling, which was mucho fun, even though I didnt come anywhere near to winning hehe. I love bowling, and Ive decided I want to do it more often, maybe even get good at it haha!

Today I met up with Clarebear for lunch and shopping, which was awesome, as I dont get to see her much anymore with us both being on work placement :( We had a giant feast at Stateside Diner (really cool 50's American diner) and then waddled around the shops to buy pretties! Oh god, and yeah, I had ANOTHER chinese tonight haha, because its my aunties birthday today, so she wanted chinese for her tea. I seriously cant move, and I think ive put on like 5 stone in 3 days lol! Time for a diet methinks ;)

Havent managed to get much crafting done, although I did price up everything I need for my screenprinting, so I should be able to get the stuff in April when I have more money. I think though, this week I will make some birthday/greetings cards to go up in the shop as I have bought everything and been meaning to do this for agees!

Im going to sign off now, and find some cute things on the web I guess, maybe post them here If I ever learn how to do that html linkage where you can change the actual word which becomes the link (does that even make sense?)... yep. Toodlepip xoxo

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Haha, well, im 22 today! I sooo dont feel like it, plus I think I still look about 16 haha.
So, today me and Karl will be going to a cute little Italian for lunch (they do 3 courses lunchtime special for £5.95!!). Then, tonight we are going to a chinese restaurant with my mum and lil brother...can you guess...we loooove food :P Im going to open my presents also tonight, I wanted to do it when mum wasnt rushing for work haha.
I got this weird card in the post though, it was off my uncle. The picture was just strange, Im not sure if he meant it to be funny, or if it was a card he just found in the house, but it upset me :( Mum stuck it in the drawers, so I dont have to look at it. Apart from that though the morning has been good so far, plus Clare sent me a really sweet text ^__^

Im going bowling tommorrow night with Karl and Lewis and everyone, so that should be fun, aint seen some of them for agees! Ooh, and they turn the bowling alley into a disco at night haha!

My placement is going really well also. I made 4 super cute felt cupcake badges for Cassandra, so they will go online soon I think. My printing needs work though, I never realised how hard Gocco printing was! I think though, its similar to screen printing in the sense that you dont really know how it will turn out until you have printed it. Its alot of fun though! Ill get the hang of it eventually ;)

Haha, im currently drinking coffee and watching Jeremy Kyle, wow, my days are so exciting lol! I might as well make the most of lounging around while I can though hehe. I really want to make something later though, anyone have any ideas? I either want to sew something, or make something out of fimo..hmmmm :) xoxo