Monday, 5 January 2009

happy *late* new year!

Hehe, well I had a nice quiet New Year with Karl, we watched The Colour Of Magic (omg i loved it!!!) and then watched the fireworks out of my windows hehe. It was alot nicer than trying to go out for New Years, I hate it to be honest, too many drunk idiots lol.

I went out on Friday night though for the first time in ages with Carly, which was cool, I even wore a dress and heels! :O *shock horror!* I have a really sore blister from them now though >.<

Not looking forward to finishing my essay today, although its more interesting than the last one I wrote since I am writing this time about Glam Rock, so bring on David Bowie woohoo!! Im just counting down the days till I finish Uni and can carry on crafting, this time full time! I also need to find out if and when i will get an interview for Heidi Seeker for my work placement, I hope i get it as their stuff is soo cute and funky!

Anyways, i shall go now, get some food and get cracking on this blooming essay :P xoxo