Monday, 23 November 2009

Ddung Dolls, I want!

Just had a browse on Artbox to see what new cute things they have, and OMG, the cutest most adorable dolls are for sale on there!! They are called Ddung Dolls and pronounced Ttong. They come in cute outfits with matching accessories and have moving arms and legs.

I think I will be putting these down on my xmas list!!!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Finally, new stock!

Just a quick update: I have finally had the time to take photo's of some of the new stuff Ive been making for the shop.

Check these out and pop over to CandyDoll Couture for even more goodies!!!

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Seriously annoyed.

Remember a few months ago when I said the oh so amazing Artworks Gallery in Ouseburn, Newcastle contacted me as they wanted my jewellery in their Shop Boutique? I was so excited, I jumped to it, made loads of goodies, took them through and was told to ring them in a few months to find out about what had sold, and to recieve my payment. Well, about 2 weeks ago I received an email from them saying they were closing down and "sorry for the inconvenience". In their email they said they were open on 3 days during certain times for collection of artwork. Well, due to working a million hours a week I couldnt get through on these days, so I asked my placement lady, Cassandra Harrison if she could pick mine up, along with hers. She went along on the Sat and was faced with a locked door due to changed locks. Okay, so why did they tell people to collect their stuff if they couldnt open the building for the artists? Turns out the exceptionally talented (yeah right) Matt Forster, who seemed to run/own the gallery hadnt been paying his rent for the building, so the council shut him down. Nice.
Fast forward to this week, and after sending a few emails to the "info" at the artworks gallery requesting some help on how to retrieve my items, AND my money they owe me for selling my items they finally decided to reply with a useless email saying they would look into it. Of course they will, and the other god knows how many angry artists they have screwed over. Turns out everyones stuff had been siezed by bailiffs and are being auctioned to repay the money Matt owes for rent.
Cassandra has been great, keeping me up to date with everything, and the latest was that she was told she could go to the auction house and retrieve her stuff, mine, and others that live down south etc. She said mine wasnt there though. So I now have to accept my goods have either been stolen, sold or lost. I know my stuff wasnt worth as much as others (one woman had work worth £40,000) in there, but its the principal of the situation. People worked really hard on their stuff, handed it over expecting to make money, not lose alot of money. To top it off apparently 10 days before he closed down the infamous Matt Forster registered a new company in Hexham called MJ Forster Gallery Limited. I suspect the same thing will happen again with this gallery if he runs it. Hopefully someone will have the sense to stop him from getting away with it again though.

To read more about this fantastic guy, check out the photography pages and The Journal.

On a lighter note, I have had a great week off relaxing and getting my health back to normal, and will be updating the shop with new goodies next week so stay tuned!

Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Cluny Craft Market

Today was the Newcastle Craft Mafia's first Craft Market at The Cluny. It was also my first ever craft fair! It was so much fun, tiring though as I had to get the bus through with all my stuff as the damn trains dont run at normal times on a Sunday haha!

It was great to meet some of the other member's from our group, and to see what cool things they make.
I sold 6 things woohoo!!! I wasnt even expecting to sell anything haha, so it was a pleasant surprise :) I also bought two things, one of which was a gorgeous button bracelet from Nuada Accessories and the other a super cute felt milk bottle magnet from Giant Button . I wanted so many things but I didnt have much money on me so Ill wait till next time to buy more goodies!

Here is some pictures of my stall/table, and some shots of the market in action:-

It wasnt very busy but I think the more we do it and the more people here about it we will get more visitors :) I have decided that although my fabric for my table super funky and colourful, I felt that it ditracted from the necklaces I had lying on it. Hmm, so now Im thinking, either choose a plain fabric *cries* lol, or buy some sort of necklace board to hang them on....

I also need to get my photos of all the new stock and hairclips taken asap so I can pop them on the website, since its looking abit bare, oops!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waaaaaaaaaaa, its been too long!

Eww, and I just put my hand in a puddle of meg spit, nice. (she dribbles constantly, silly kitty!)

Right so, its been a while. Ive been working alot, but finally my hours have gone down abit so I have had some crafty me time! ^__^

I spruced up the shop website...after clicking on every damn option on admin on Mr Site. It looks snazzy now though!! Here's a screenshot:-

Just incase you dont know, its ;)

I decided to make some new earrings for the shop, which I will unveil to the world in a few days :D All I can say is they are pretty darn cute!!

Also, I have signed up to two craft fairs, one of which is the Craft Mafia fair at the Cluny, Newcastle Sun 16th August!!! (Poster created by a fellow craft mafian :D)

Clearer details can be found at

Also, incase you havent seen these, I thought I would share. Momiji Doll Gashapons! ^___^ I popped into the Travelling Man the other week and low and behold they have a Gashapon machine...*squeals*!!! You can also buy them from Chicki if you dont have a shop near you that sells them. They had loads of different kinds, so I got two haha. I got a winner ticket (yes, you can also win Momiji goodies from them!) in my first, which won me some really cute Momiji greetings cards, and inside the ball I got super cute stickers and a little tote bag with a doll print on. The second gashapon I bought came with cute stickers and 2 seriously cute key covers! I really should have taken a pic of these. Here is a pic of some other goodies you can get inside from chicki....

I think Im going to scoot now, need to order loads of fimo to get cracking for the craft fair, I managed to use up ALL of my white, and glitter white, doh! xoxo

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Soo unbelievably tired

Work. That seems to be all I do these days. Im so tired from it. I worked out I did 42 hours last week, akk. Im hoping I will have more time to get the shop going again soon, although I say that alot!

I actually had a day off yesterday though, so we went to see Drag me to hell. My god, it was a weird film! It was funny and scary haha. The old woman was freaky! I also treated myself to some cute hairclips..they are pink polkdot hearts yay!

Ive been invited to Pride in August, reeeally hope I can get the time off to go! Chazzalaroo is back so we met up the other night, she had some mad stories to tell from Peru hehe.

Im going to sign off now, but before I go, please visit my shop, for a limited period if you buy ANY necklace you will get a surprise free gift!!!

Make sure you add it to your cart! xoxo

Sunday, 21 June 2009

No time

Gawd, Ive had no time to do anything for the shop lately! Ive been working like 40 hours a week and when I get home Im so tired I just want to get into bed. Its crappy, but I need the money.

The cats are doing fine, we actually have 3 now, I cant even remember if I mentioned we were going to adopt a cat. Hes cute, hes called Murphy and hes huge and hes 4 :D He stinks sometimes. And he had worms, but apart from that hes cool hehe.

I have my work room set up, just havent had the time to actually do anything. Im hoping Ill get some stuff sorted though next week as I have 2 whole days off, OMG! Hahaha.

Also, just to let everyone know, Im offering a free, yes freeee, surprise gift with every necklace order on so grab them while you can!!!


Sunday, 17 May 2009


Its been a while. Ive been stupidly busy and had alot of things going on with the house front. Im pretty much sorted now though. My new job is great, although Ive been doing loaads of hours so I havent had much time (well not really any!) to get the greeting cards and other new things onto the new website. I will soon though, I promise!!!

I have also been getting involved with Craft Mafia, I am now one of the founders of the Newcastle Craft Mafia woohoo! Cassandra has been working on the site and (I think-I may be wrong haha) in a few weeks the Craft Mafia HQ check it out and decide whether it is good enough and then we can recruit members :D

Damn cats are going insane now, I will have to go and play with them to make them tired..I want them to go to sleep so me and Karl can watch the Lordi film haha!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


The new home of CandyDoll Couture has arrived!!

Check it out, I got Mr Site working and have moved alot of things over from the Etsy shop! I am keeping my Etsy but mainly just as another way of people finding me :)

Also, started a new job this week, its class! Means Im nackered like, but alls good.

Gallows FTW!!! (cant get enough of them at the moment)

So yeah, pleeease tell everyone about the new .com, its funky and in £'s, which will be better as alot of my friends (who dont understand Etsy) cant get why Etsy is in $ haha, bless.

Anyways, might get crafting tommorrow, going to chill out tonight though, toodles!

Thursday, 30 April 2009


I am SO tired. Ive had 2 hours sleep because marmite and meg decided to turn into nutters during the night. *urgh* I feel like crap.

Sorry for the lack of updates, Ive been so busy recently. I just ordered my Mr Site package the other night though, so should have a proper .com up and running in a few days for the shop, woohoo!

Monday, 13 April 2009

My first home

Well, I havent actually got the house yet..but hopefully I will know by tommorrow!

So I thought it would be fun to do a feature of cute homewares from great sellers on Etsy. Everything is so tempting, Ill have to be careful not to go overboard on buying things for the house when it comes to it!

Babushka Bunting by Beaky

Maggie full apron by Boojiboo

Sailor Jerry style wall sticker set by dplusb

Cute cloud coaster by Inkjet

Polkadot cupcake tea towel by Living Thread

Kawaii Bambi cushion by Melon1

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these as much as I have, check out their shops as they all have some wonderful other items in stock! xoxo

Friday, 3 April 2009

I was featured on...

the Super Cute Kawaii blog yay! I love reading their blog, and as I was reading their flickr finds, I saw my clouds and rainbow brooch featured! Im very happy, and have just re-added another of these brooches to the shop, as I had made another the other night...and was tired so forgot to put it online hehe >.<

Go check their blog and shop out for loads of cute finds! xoxo

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Big changes

Hmm, I have had a pretty stressful week. Basically, we have to sell the house. Mum needs to downsize, so me and Karl are going to get a place together :D Its awesome, I cant wait, I just wish that I had a job of some sort (I mean besides the failing online shop) so that I didnt have to worry so much about money :(

We went for a viewing at a cute 2 bedroom terrace house though yesterday, and we love it! Fingers crossed they ring back and say we can rent it soon. I also get to take my kitties, yay! Im sooo glad, I would miss them so much if I had to leave them.

But yeah, the stressy part is the fact that no matter wherever I look, there is NO jobs I can apply for, well apart from the 2 I have (which I no doubt wont hear back from as usual). Thats the problem with living in a small town. It wouldnt be as bad if I was making some sales on my Etsy, but for some reason its all died a death. Is it my prices? My actual jewellery? I really dont understand. I hope that when I can afford my own site, that might help.

Its quite odd that now I am going to post a picture of me in the sellers showcase now..since Ive just said Im not making any moneys haha! Its still nice to see me on there though. Last time I did it I got alot of traffic to the shop and it helped with sales, maybe everyone is just as skint as me at the moment though!

I also had a peek on Cassandra's shop, she has the cupcake brooches I made for her on there now, yay!!

You can see them at Gee How Quaint in the Hostess with the Mostest section. Also, check out her super cool teacup Gocco print t-shirts in the Wear Me section!

Im going to log off now, have some final preparations to make for Karl's Bday tommorrow now hehe! xoxo

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Needlecases and other stuff

Its been a while since I last posted. I havent been very well again though, so not been up to much apart from work really. Im okayish now though :)

Decided to make some needlecases/needle books for the shop last week. I had orginally had 4, but two decided to mess up haha! So I have two that are good for selling. I plan on making more though, as I have ALOT of kawaii fabric in my fabric box that needs some love :)

They are available in my Etsy shop CandyDoll Couture :)

I also made ALOT of jewellery and accessories for the Artworks Boutique. Took them all through yesterday, Im so excited, finally my things will be in a real shop! Im going next Thurs to their preview event, so Ill get lots of piccies to share of my goodies there!

I also added a glow in the dark cupcake hairclip to the shop, its pretty funky, I may have to make one for myself!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Slightly annoyed

Okay, just a word of advice to people who dont buy goods off the net alot, please please read EVERYTHING before clicking on the buy button, make sure you CAN pay before you click it, otherwise you are wasting your time, and the sellers.

Make sure you read the payment options, as it clearly states on Etsy how you can pay for an item. If everyone did this it would stop alot of wasted fees/time.

Sorry to rant, but I get slightly annoyed when I have time wasters on my hands.

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Just a little update...

Wow, Im so happy! I just checked my Etsy and I recieved an email from the Boutique at the Artworks Gallery in Newcastle who are interested in stocking some of my jewellery and accessories! Im so excited, things are finally looking up. And it wont be long till I can buy my screenprinting supplies and start with the big stuff :D Yay! <3

Monday, 16 March 2009

Maker Faire UK

Wow, this weekend has been totally awesome! Tiring, but totally worth it. Cassandra had a spot at the first UK Makers Faire, which luckily for us was only in Newcastle (so not far for us to travel).
It kicked off on Saturday at 10am, and finished yesterday at 5pm. It was really worth it to be there as I got to see first hand how to run a stall at a fair (which is what I want to do soon!). It was a brilliant mix of people, crafters and techies. I met some lovely people, and saw some amazing projects.
Here are some piccies from the faire :)

This was Cassandra's large artwork backdrop she did by hand, how pretty is it!? :)

Haha I dont remember this being taken! Me listening (and looking very serious) to Cassandra explain how the Gocco printer works.

This was the mechanical horse that made noises, played music and moved by remote control, oh and he also breathed fire!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


How CUTE is he!!!???

I REEEEALLY want a persian kitten now, they are the cutest fluffiest things ever!!! ^______^

Funky finds

So, I sort of went abit awol with the whole featured sellers thing didnt I? I had a bit of a blah week, kind of ill :( Im okayish now though, although I need to go back to the docs again to get fixed haha.

Im back on track now though, went to Gee today. Cassandra is getting ready for the Maker Faire this weekend...Im really excited as I havent worked at a *crafty* fair before!

I just wanted to post some adorable things I have found whilst searching the net for my wish list :P One day I will have the money to buy some of these things!!

I adore bright, cute, childish things, so these fit perfectly with my style. Check out the links to visit these awesome sellers' shops and see their other amazing crafty items!

1. Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Resin necklace by FashionCandy

2. Let Them Eat Cupcake Cameo necklace by mlleclorofil

3. Sweet Tattoo Pinup Girls coaster set of 4 by PinkyToast

4. Kimono Cuties gift tags by LemonTreeStudio

5. Lick Your Pick necklace by SugarAndSpiceDIY

6. Wizard Of Oz small clutch by simbiosisbyjulia

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Oh my good god...

I actually cant move :/ I cannot believe how much I can eat haha!!!

My birthday was fab, Karl took me out to Valentinos for a 3 course lunch (oh yeerrr), which was yummy! I then proceeded to have a nap in the afternoon as I was VERY full haha. Theeen, mum took us all out to this really nice chinese restaurant in town. (And I ate another 3 course meal lmao!) Then we came home and I got to open my pressies ^__^

Haha the funny thing was, as I was opening my first present from Karl, my mum goes "Oh crap.." and we looked at her, and she said "I think I have bought you the same thing", hahahaa!!! It turned out she managed to get not one, but TWO of the same things that Karl bought me lol, due to the fact she was nackered when she read his email about what he had got me, and miss-read it all as one thing! Bless her. Soo, i got the awesome William Control CD (Hate Culture), and Innerpartysystem's(two copies of it haha!) new cd, which is one of the best cd's I have listened to in ages. I also got (2 of the same) book, Good Omens, by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I cant wait to read it! Just need to finish American Gods by NG (I am slightly obsessed by him, hes such an awesome author!) I also got the funniest toy ever, a really cool Hello Kitty hand puppet!!

You NEED one in your life, its so funny! ^__^ Check out for it, and lots more cute and cool things!

I also got a Badtz Maru plushie, yaaaay!!! I have been wanting one for ever, and now I have him, he can snuggle in with Hello Kitty in my room :D

He came from UK's home for all things Hello Kitty ;)

Last night we all went bowling, which was mucho fun, even though I didnt come anywhere near to winning hehe. I love bowling, and Ive decided I want to do it more often, maybe even get good at it haha!

Today I met up with Clarebear for lunch and shopping, which was awesome, as I dont get to see her much anymore with us both being on work placement :( We had a giant feast at Stateside Diner (really cool 50's American diner) and then waddled around the shops to buy pretties! Oh god, and yeah, I had ANOTHER chinese tonight haha, because its my aunties birthday today, so she wanted chinese for her tea. I seriously cant move, and I think ive put on like 5 stone in 3 days lol! Time for a diet methinks ;)

Havent managed to get much crafting done, although I did price up everything I need for my screenprinting, so I should be able to get the stuff in April when I have more money. I think though, this week I will make some birthday/greetings cards to go up in the shop as I have bought everything and been meaning to do this for agees!

Im going to sign off now, and find some cute things on the web I guess, maybe post them here If I ever learn how to do that html linkage where you can change the actual word which becomes the link (does that even make sense?)... yep. Toodlepip xoxo

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Haha, well, im 22 today! I sooo dont feel like it, plus I think I still look about 16 haha.
So, today me and Karl will be going to a cute little Italian for lunch (they do 3 courses lunchtime special for £5.95!!). Then, tonight we are going to a chinese restaurant with my mum and lil brother...can you guess...we loooove food :P Im going to open my presents also tonight, I wanted to do it when mum wasnt rushing for work haha.
I got this weird card in the post though, it was off my uncle. The picture was just strange, Im not sure if he meant it to be funny, or if it was a card he just found in the house, but it upset me :( Mum stuck it in the drawers, so I dont have to look at it. Apart from that though the morning has been good so far, plus Clare sent me a really sweet text ^__^

Im going bowling tommorrow night with Karl and Lewis and everyone, so that should be fun, aint seen some of them for agees! Ooh, and they turn the bowling alley into a disco at night haha!

My placement is going really well also. I made 4 super cute felt cupcake badges for Cassandra, so they will go online soon I think. My printing needs work though, I never realised how hard Gocco printing was! I think though, its similar to screen printing in the sense that you dont really know how it will turn out until you have printed it. Its alot of fun though! Ill get the hang of it eventually ;)

Haha, im currently drinking coffee and watching Jeremy Kyle, wow, my days are so exciting lol! I might as well make the most of lounging around while I can though hehe. I really want to make something later though, anyone have any ideas? I either want to sew something, or make something out of fimo..hmmmm :) xoxo

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Work Placement

Well, I had my first day at Gee...How Quaint on Mon, and it was fab!! Cassandra showed me how to use the Gocco printer (I NEED ONE!!!) and I printed off some of her artwork so she can work into them with other fabrics and stitching. I also printed some t-shirts for her shop. We discussed my idea of the paper dolls (vintage of course ;) ) for a print, so I have been drawing out ideas for a final print that I will show her tommorrow (so excited!). I also drew a load of vintage teapots yesterday as I had an idea for another print, so hopefully she will like those too.

I havent done much for CandyDoll Couture this week, mainly because I have like 81 things already in the shop, plus I have been really getting into drawing again.

Ooh, I ordered a totally cute top from New Look the other day, so hopefully it might turn up today, I decided I *needed* a new top to wear out for my birthday next week hehe. I think me and Karl are going to La Tasca...mmm tapas!
This is the cute top/dress:-

I also wanted to show off my boyfriend's fantastic figure he made, using fimo, no wire, just fimo!! (and glass eyes) hehe. He loves fantasy stuff, so he made a really cool *naked goblin* haha. Its his first and he has put it in his very own etsy shop...more to come!

His Etsy is:-

Hope everyone has a good day! xoxo

Friday, 20 February 2009

Funky Friday

This is a collection from my favourite sellers on Etsy, I completely adore these items.

1.Cupcake to do list by Winnieatepaper- A lovely shop with handmade printed stationary and other cute things!

2.MonokuroBoo wristlet by florspace- She makes the most amazing purses and bags with the cutest fabrics!You HAVE to have a look :)

3.Trickster Yeti and Cupcake T-shirt by Applenoggin-She sells the most awesome screen-printed cute t shirts and kawaii jewellery!

4.Matryoshka Russian Doll home decoration by TheJamboreePixie- Local artisan who sells really pretty home decorations and jewellery, very unusual designs :)

5.Kawaii Heart vial necklace pendant by strawberryanarchy-Gorgeous Japanese Street fashion inspired jewellery and accessories.

6.Geisha mini pillow by Mymimi-Such cute illustrations, printed onto pillows, tote bags, mirrors and alot more!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my favourites, and if you can, please have a look at their shops, they all sell amazing stuff, very unique and fun! xoxo

Exciting stuff!

I have been so busy this week! I went abit crazy and made a crapload of hairclips (some of which are still drying) yesterday for the shop. You can see them in my Etsy!

Some of my new stock!

I am starting my work placement next Monday, at Gee How Quaint, and I am so excited!!

Please have a look at Cassandra's prints, they are so fun and quirky! (I tried to put it in as a link but it wasnt showing at all, anyone know why?)

She has asked me to come up with a design for 3 different items for her shop, so I am going to get cracking with this in a bit (after my yummy latte hehe). They will have a vintage theme, which is great because I looove vintage! She has also asked me if I can make some of my cupcake brooches to put into her shop as they will fit well with her style. Im chuffed!

Other news:- Marmite has a horrible bald patch next to his eye :s and it was bleeding last night, I have a feeling Meg has took a chunk out of him when they were scrapping lol.

I have also decided today I will showcase some of my favourite artisans off Etsy and other funky places I regularly drool over. I will probably do one a week for now, unless I get more free time haha!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Polyvore cuteness!

Woohoo, I just made my first Polyvore, its so much fun!!

Cuteness - by candydollcouture on

New stock and life :)

Well, i made a crapload of fimo beads and little pendants the other day! I have some in the shop now. Also, Ive added some really cute rings with cabochons I ordered all the way from Japan!

I love the first bracelet, almost to much to sell it gah! Nah, its in the shop now so no going back hehe. I made the pretty oval beads with my brand spanking new bead roller :D

Ive also been making some really cute brightly coloured Kokeshi Dolls. They will be available in the shop next week, just need to take some good pictures of them..but for now here is a teaser..

I also caught Marmite sniffing my goodies while I was trying to photograph them haha!! Daft cat he is!

Sniffing my camera case bag!

And....I had a fantastic Valentines Day yesterday! My little brother was in a Valentines play put on buy his drama group, and he had one of the main parts! So me and Karl, mum, my aunt and gran all went to watch him. Aww, I am so proud of him, hes only 10 and hes soo good at remembering his lines! The audience found him pretty funny which was good :D
Then Karl came round for the evening as I was cooking us a romantic meal hehe. He got me 12 red roses!!!! They are gorgeous, and he also got me 2 pink heart shaped balloons, AND my favourite chocs!! We had a great evening, it was really lovely :) I made him a fimo Totoro haha, and also gave him some pretty chocs, he liked them woohoo!
I'm having a night in tonight though. Ive spent 2 hours sorting my portfolio out for tommorrow as Im meeting Cassandra from Gee How Quaint about a work placement. I hope she takes me on, her stuff is so cute!
Right, off to wait for my chinese now so ta ta for now xoxo

Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have my first follower, thanks Kezbirdie!! <3

I got my order of fimo yesterday, including some GLOW IN THE DARK fimo lol! Its seriously cool! I made a couple of things last night with Karl, but will be making a crapload of stuff today as its snowing and cold.

Im also waiting for my business cards, vistaprint emailed to say they are on their way, so excited to see them!!!

I was thinking, I would love to feature some crafty people on my blog, as I look at so many pretty and unique things, why not share with everyone else!? Only thing is, can I do this without asking permission as long as I list their name/link etc, or do I need permission to feature other peoples work?

Think I need more pic friendly posts in here, I seem to lack in this. And I no what I prefer, piccies, so much more fun to look at! ^__^

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Good news!

Things are looking up for me with the shop finally. In just 3 days I have had my first 3 orders on the new Etsy shop (yay!). It may not seem alot but if it carries on like this I will be working on the shop full time (which is what I want!).

I also saw my Ad on so I took a screenshot of it lol.

Still need to sort my business cards out, although I have a good idea of how I want them to look now. Oh and I also got asked for my first wholesale order!!!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

New shop URL!!!

I decided to move everything over to a new URL on etsy as it is confusing having a different username to shop name on there.

You can find CandyDoll Couture now at

I will be updating it alot this week with more items, better pictures etc, so keep checking it :D xoxo

Monday, 2 February 2009

New Jewellery and life in general

Woah, Its been a month or so since I last blogged! Well, I got my Uni work finished and handed in, so Im just waiting to pick it up as its getting marked. My designs didnt turn out the way my illustrations look, but nevermind, Im still happy with them. I found out I can machine Applique woohoo! And i really enjoyed it haha.
Im meeting Cassandra from Gee How Quaint next week to have a chat about working with her for my placement which will be great! She prints using a Gocco printer onto fabric and makes really sweet bags and t shirts.
I also had a brainwave...Im going to buy a Screen Printing kit!!! I love screen printing, I can afford one, why not!? So my plan is, buy one, print my illustrations onto fabric/tshirts, and start selling them in the shop.

Since I finished Uni Ive been ordering alot of charms etc, so I finally got round to making some new jewellery for the shop. I also made a few fimo charms amongst the plastic ones :)

Hope you like!!

Oh, and here is my new logo for the shop, drawn and coloured in photoshop by moi ;)