Thursday, 12 February 2009


I have my first follower, thanks Kezbirdie!! <3

I got my order of fimo yesterday, including some GLOW IN THE DARK fimo lol! Its seriously cool! I made a couple of things last night with Karl, but will be making a crapload of stuff today as its snowing and cold.

Im also waiting for my business cards, vistaprint emailed to say they are on their way, so excited to see them!!!

I was thinking, I would love to feature some crafty people on my blog, as I look at so many pretty and unique things, why not share with everyone else!? Only thing is, can I do this without asking permission as long as I list their name/link etc, or do I need permission to feature other peoples work?

Think I need more pic friendly posts in here, I seem to lack in this. And I no what I prefer, piccies, so much more fun to look at! ^__^

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