Friday, 29 October 2010

Im sorrrrryyy!

I am officially a TERRIBLE blogger! I seem unable to keep posting unless it's like once a month, bad me!
Anyhoo, I've been quite busy practising my Nail art. I bought some striper pens and Japanese nail art magazines, and a bunch of other stuff and had a go at it! It is so much fun! I did some on my own nails, then decided to buy some false nails and tips to use as practise, plus I can keep them to show my designs off on. I'm getting really into it, and also started practising how to do acrylic nails. I bought a nail trainer hand which is soo handy (haha that was so bad!)

Here is a terrible shot of my nail art designs :) (my damn halogen lamps both broke tonight so I had to use a crappy bedside lamp to get some light on the designs.

And here is a picture of my nail trainer in action, well, with some finished acrylic nails done :)

I have also been making bag charms for CandyDoll Couture, which I was going to photograph tonight until I knocked not one but BOTH of my lamps over which made the bulbs go!
Hopefully I can pick some new ones up and get the pics took over the next week :)