Sunday, 17 May 2009


Its been a while. Ive been stupidly busy and had alot of things going on with the house front. Im pretty much sorted now though. My new job is great, although Ive been doing loaads of hours so I havent had much time (well not really any!) to get the greeting cards and other new things onto the new website. I will soon though, I promise!!!

I have also been getting involved with Craft Mafia, I am now one of the founders of the Newcastle Craft Mafia woohoo! Cassandra has been working on the site and (I think-I may be wrong haha) in a few weeks the Craft Mafia HQ check it out and decide whether it is good enough and then we can recruit members :D

Damn cats are going insane now, I will have to go and play with them to make them tired..I want them to go to sleep so me and Karl can watch the Lordi film haha!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


The new home of CandyDoll Couture has arrived!!

Check it out, I got Mr Site working and have moved alot of things over from the Etsy shop! I am keeping my Etsy but mainly just as another way of people finding me :)

Also, started a new job this week, its class! Means Im nackered like, but alls good.

Gallows FTW!!! (cant get enough of them at the moment)

So yeah, pleeease tell everyone about the new .com, its funky and in £'s, which will be better as alot of my friends (who dont understand Etsy) cant get why Etsy is in $ haha, bless.

Anyways, might get crafting tommorrow, going to chill out tonight though, toodles!