Friday, 26 November 2010

New hairclips and hairbands!

I have been busy making some gorgeous new hairclips and hairbands for the shop, featuring strawberries, ice creams and hearts! I have also added a few bag charms to the site too.

I have had the worst flu EVER so have been resting, drinking lemsip and losing money due to being ill and not being able to go into work >.<

I also finally got a dining table (yay!) haha, I never thought I would get excited over furniture! But now my living room looks like a proper home ^__^ We also got another sofa so we have lots of seating for guests.

I am planning on doing some custom sets of false nails which I think I will trial either on facebook or the shop website. Im torn though, do I offer 20 nails (2 of each in every size) or take a customers measurements for each nail which means there is less wasteage? Hmm. Something to look into methinks!

Monday, 15 November 2010

72 hour flash sale!

Since xmas is coming I have decided to have a HUGE 50% off 72 hour flash sale!!! The sale will begin tommorrow 12pm UK time, and end on Friday 19th November. 50% off selected items only. Why not check it out and grab yourself a fabulous Kawaii bargain!!

I will be uploading new items to the shop including bag charms, hairclips and hairbands at the weekend. I got my halogen lamps fixed so its all good to go for product photos now! (yay!)
I am also planning on selling some handpainted false nail sets on the website, as I have had some great feedback on my nail art! I will only be putting a few sets up to begin with, and if it takes off I will be making more to sell! :)