Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sweet Treats...

Just a quick update to say I have added some new pretties to the website I have been having huge problems with Mr Site, so it took me a while to upload just a few things! *Sighs* I will be adding more over the coming week though, and fingers crossed getting a brand spanking new website that works properly sometime next month too!!!

Onto pics...

This is just a few items I have added, prices start from as little as £4.50 on some of these goodies!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Whitby Gothic Weekend and other things

Hey everyone, long time no see! Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been super busy due to working 2 jobs (yes I got another job!) and making and preparing things for Whitby Gothic Weekend.

I basically decided to book a stall at WGW about a month and a half ago (talk about leaving it to the last minute!) which was also around the time I started my other job. I wanted to give it a shot as I haven't been to the festival for over 8 years, and wanted to see how my stuff would go down at an alternative event. I worked my arse off for this, ordering supplies, sewing, glueing, jewellery making etc every night after work. I finally got everything ready and finished the night before we went down to Whitby (last Thurs) which got me into a right panic! I still had to make my board to display my necklaces on so ended up putting that together in the hotel room on the Thurs night eek! One of the reasons I ended up being so last minute with everything was because my supplies were coming from all over the world, so some didn't arrive until a few days before we went (talk about stress!).

We worked for 2 days, the Friday and Saturday and had a blast! It was really fun and great to see so many people who liked my things. I sold quite alot and alot of people took my card (which ended up in some sales when I came back aswell!). I also met some really nice people who were also running stalls in the same venue as us. The only drawback to the weekend was that the organisers had decided to split the event over 2 seperate weekends, so unfortunately alot of people were unsure which to attend, which led to a quieter weekend than usual. Apart from that though it was still a good turn out.

We had the sunday off so we could check stuff out which was fun. We managed to 'break into' the Abbey (oops!We were following a bunch of people who climbed a wall to get in, not realising it was actually closed! Typically though it was Karl and I that got wrong for it haha!) and we went on a Ghost walk on sunday evening. We had an awesome time and both of us were sad to leave, but its got me thinking about doing more shows and festivals in the future.

I had a bunch of new items that weren't on the website before we went away, some of which sold really well! I have managed to add some of them to the site, but over the next few days will be adding the rest, so look out for another post showing off the new stock.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and check out Karl's photography skills, awesome photo of the Abbey!

Bye for now :)