Thursday, 30 June 2011

Love fashion

Hi everyone!
Apologies for the lack of posts for the past erm...2 months (oops!), I think I have had a sort of mental block on all things creative recently :/

First off, I decided to take the plunge and order some fake whipped cream (clay) and air dry clay plus molds/rhinestones/fruit canes etc to make some Deco sweets jewellery. I have been looking into it for a while now and really fancied having a go at it as they look so cute and yummy!

I will be posting some pictures of my creations very soon so keep an eye out for them :)

The second thing I wanted to share was fashion-related. Have you heard of a fashion brand called Uniqlo? I first came across them a few years ago at the store in NYC. They are a Japanese brand whose aim is to provide casual clothes at affordable prices. The first thing I noticed though when I went inside was their huge range of cool graphic t-shirts. They had everything from Manga prints to childhood cartoons! I ended coming out of there with quite a few tops, which I still have actually! They use good quality cotton which washes really well, plus the prints don't wear off after a few washes like some other t-shirts I have bought from other shops.
I decided to check out their site a few months ago as I have been on the hunt for some fun t-shirts for the summer...and guess what, they did not disappoint! At the moment they have various special collections under the name of their UT project which currently feature Care Bears, Barbie, Cacharel, Pirates of The Caribbean: on Stranger Tides plus even more!

The best bit about their UT Project is that all of the collaborative t-shirts are really reasonable in price!

Here are a few of my favourites (perfect for Fairy-Kei and Decora lovers):-
Carebears Raglan t-shirt A-Was £7.99, now £4.99!
Carebears raglan t-shirt D-Was £7.99, now £4.99!
Barbie short sleeve T A2-£12.99
Barbie Graphic short sleeve T-shirt B-£12.99
Barbie Graphic T-shirt C-£12.99

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check the Uniqlo site out, they also have a huge sale on at the moment!!! xoxo