Monday, 29 December 2008

Felt brooches!

I had a fantastic christmas! It was a really nice day with the family, and my little brother came home in the evening from his dads so that was great, especially seeing his face as he opened his new PS3!! haha.

I got loadsa cute stuff, lots of Hello Kitty things, and a pair of PINK GHDs!!! I have been hoping for them for agees hehe.

I decided to make the most of my free time so I started making some cute felt brooches for the shop. I have only made 6 so far, as I dont know whether they will sell, so its a sort of trial to see what people like most. Im waiting on a huge order from Hong Kong full of gorgeous beads and charms also!

I have alot of Uni work to get done before next week though so I'll have to put the shop on the backburner until uni is officially finished (gah!) Only a few weeks though! ^__^

Ooh, and I also will be on Etsy's front page tommorrow in the gift guide section, so look out for me!! Here is a new add with the cute brooches featuring ;) xoxo

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Xmas cards

So, I have finished wrapping all the presents for my family, and today I finally got round to making their cards! I really enjoyed making them actually, and am thinking about making my own range of birthday cards (with my own fimo designs) for the shop in the New Year.
These are the cards I made:- (sorry about the crap quality pic!)
I think this will be a good christmas, I have a good feeling about it :) We did the big food shop on Monday, which went surprisingly well considering its normally heaving in the supermarkets by this time. We went into Next to get a gift voucher for Karl and while I was in there I saw the most gorgeous handbag...which my mum decided to treat me to, bless her! I love it!
Anyways, Im going to scoot, I need to put more presents under the tree hehe. Happy Christmas for tommorrow! xoxo

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Just a quick update to say, I finish Uni for Xmas tommorrow woohoo! It feels like forever since we've had time off.

I also got my digital fashion illustrations done, although they could be better, they were my first ever so maybe I shouldnt be so hard on myself! Ive been at the laptop for 12hours solid, no WoW tonight either :'(

I think its bedtime now haha, before I sleep at the poota! xoxo

Here is my favourite digital illustration I screenprint (fabric) aswell! ;) (Oh, the reason it says Boden is because it is for the Live project, so i thought putting their logo on would be a nice touch hehe.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Fresh start

Ahh, a fresh start...for the 3rd time haha!

I have decided I will actually KEEP a blog as I am leaving Uni for a year out (work placement) and will be pretty busy doing fun crafty things.

Its nearly christmas, and I need to wrap the pressies! Our tree is so pretty, with our usual odd mix of baubles and tinsel collected and bought since my mother was little :)
I have alot of work to get done for Friday though, as I have my Fashion Illustration deadline then. My printer is broken though, so that needs fixing first!
I also want to draw out a girl I had in my head last night, so that will be something else to do today, before I forget how she looked hehe.

I better get ready now though, I need to get ink for the printer, so I will post some illustrations later *hopefully*! xoxo