Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Fresh start

Ahh, a fresh start...for the 3rd time haha!

I have decided I will actually KEEP a blog as I am leaving Uni for a year out (work placement) and will be pretty busy doing fun crafty things.

Its nearly christmas, and I need to wrap the pressies! Our tree is so pretty, with our usual odd mix of baubles and tinsel collected and bought since my mother was little :)
I have alot of work to get done for Friday though, as I have my Fashion Illustration deadline then. My printer is broken though, so that needs fixing first!
I also want to draw out a girl I had in my head last night, so that will be something else to do today, before I forget how she looked hehe.

I better get ready now though, I need to get ink for the printer, so I will post some illustrations later *hopefully*! xoxo

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