Thursday, 7 May 2009


The new home of CandyDoll Couture has arrived!!

Check it out, I got Mr Site working and have moved alot of things over from the Etsy shop! I am keeping my Etsy but mainly just as another way of people finding me :)

Also, started a new job this week, its class! Means Im nackered like, but alls good.

Gallows FTW!!! (cant get enough of them at the moment)

So yeah, pleeease tell everyone about the new .com, its funky and in £'s, which will be better as alot of my friends (who dont understand Etsy) cant get why Etsy is in $ haha, bless.

Anyways, might get crafting tommorrow, going to chill out tonight though, toodles!


  1. this is brilliant! you've done awesome on the new site. hope it works out better than etsy.

    is it pricey? and most importantly, is it difficult?

    i tried it once, and it gave me a headache and sleepless nights!

    Well done to you!


    ps. are you coming to Graduate Fashion Week? x

  2. Aww thanks hun! :) It was a Mr site package, i managed to get it for £20 on ebay, and it covers me for a year :D its really easy to create, the manual is helpful as I really dont get how to create sites lol!

    Ooh, when is it again? I cant get onto my uni emails cos Ive been excluded (not paid my textile fees oops!) Good luck for it! xxx