Thursday, 26 February 2009

Work Placement

Well, I had my first day at Gee...How Quaint on Mon, and it was fab!! Cassandra showed me how to use the Gocco printer (I NEED ONE!!!) and I printed off some of her artwork so she can work into them with other fabrics and stitching. I also printed some t-shirts for her shop. We discussed my idea of the paper dolls (vintage of course ;) ) for a print, so I have been drawing out ideas for a final print that I will show her tommorrow (so excited!). I also drew a load of vintage teapots yesterday as I had an idea for another print, so hopefully she will like those too.

I havent done much for CandyDoll Couture this week, mainly because I have like 81 things already in the shop, plus I have been really getting into drawing again.

Ooh, I ordered a totally cute top from New Look the other day, so hopefully it might turn up today, I decided I *needed* a new top to wear out for my birthday next week hehe. I think me and Karl are going to La Tasca...mmm tapas!
This is the cute top/dress:-

I also wanted to show off my boyfriend's fantastic figure he made, using fimo, no wire, just fimo!! (and glass eyes) hehe. He loves fantasy stuff, so he made a really cool *naked goblin* haha. Its his first and he has put it in his very own etsy shop...more to come!

His Etsy is:-

Hope everyone has a good day! xoxo


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day. Sounds like you had fun! Your fella's goblin is brilliant! :o)

  2. Thanks! Yeah it was great, been back again today and started printing my first design :D haha yeah its cool, i think hes going to make more ^__^