Friday, 20 February 2009

Funky Friday

This is a collection from my favourite sellers on Etsy, I completely adore these items.

1.Cupcake to do list by Winnieatepaper- A lovely shop with handmade printed stationary and other cute things!

2.MonokuroBoo wristlet by florspace- She makes the most amazing purses and bags with the cutest fabrics!You HAVE to have a look :)

3.Trickster Yeti and Cupcake T-shirt by Applenoggin-She sells the most awesome screen-printed cute t shirts and kawaii jewellery!

4.Matryoshka Russian Doll home decoration by TheJamboreePixie- Local artisan who sells really pretty home decorations and jewellery, very unusual designs :)

5.Kawaii Heart vial necklace pendant by strawberryanarchy-Gorgeous Japanese Street fashion inspired jewellery and accessories.

6.Geisha mini pillow by Mymimi-Such cute illustrations, printed onto pillows, tote bags, mirrors and alot more!

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my favourites, and if you can, please have a look at their shops, they all sell amazing stuff, very unique and fun! xoxo


  1. yay thanks so much for showing one of my vials! :)

  2. Oh! there are o cute! ^-^ great blog! i like it (sorry if my english is bad)

  3. Your welcome, your stuff is soo pretty, I couldnt not show it off! Kawaii Bunny, thanks for the follow :D no worries about your english, it seems very good! :)