Sunday, 15 February 2009

New stock and life :)

Well, i made a crapload of fimo beads and little pendants the other day! I have some in the shop now. Also, Ive added some really cute rings with cabochons I ordered all the way from Japan!

I love the first bracelet, almost to much to sell it gah! Nah, its in the shop now so no going back hehe. I made the pretty oval beads with my brand spanking new bead roller :D

Ive also been making some really cute brightly coloured Kokeshi Dolls. They will be available in the shop next week, just need to take some good pictures of them..but for now here is a teaser..

I also caught Marmite sniffing my goodies while I was trying to photograph them haha!! Daft cat he is!

Sniffing my camera case bag!

And....I had a fantastic Valentines Day yesterday! My little brother was in a Valentines play put on buy his drama group, and he had one of the main parts! So me and Karl, mum, my aunt and gran all went to watch him. Aww, I am so proud of him, hes only 10 and hes soo good at remembering his lines! The audience found him pretty funny which was good :D
Then Karl came round for the evening as I was cooking us a romantic meal hehe. He got me 12 red roses!!!! They are gorgeous, and he also got me 2 pink heart shaped balloons, AND my favourite chocs!! We had a great evening, it was really lovely :) I made him a fimo Totoro haha, and also gave him some pretty chocs, he liked them woohoo!
I'm having a night in tonight though. Ive spent 2 hours sorting my portfolio out for tommorrow as Im meeting Cassandra from Gee How Quaint about a work placement. I hope she takes me on, her stuff is so cute!
Right, off to wait for my chinese now so ta ta for now xoxo

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