Friday, 20 February 2009

Exciting stuff!

I have been so busy this week! I went abit crazy and made a crapload of hairclips (some of which are still drying) yesterday for the shop. You can see them in my Etsy!

Some of my new stock!

I am starting my work placement next Monday, at Gee How Quaint, and I am so excited!!

Please have a look at Cassandra's prints, they are so fun and quirky! (I tried to put it in as a link but it wasnt showing at all, anyone know why?)

She has asked me to come up with a design for 3 different items for her shop, so I am going to get cracking with this in a bit (after my yummy latte hehe). They will have a vintage theme, which is great because I looove vintage! She has also asked me if I can make some of my cupcake brooches to put into her shop as they will fit well with her style. Im chuffed!

Other news:- Marmite has a horrible bald patch next to his eye :s and it was bleeding last night, I have a feeling Meg has took a chunk out of him when they were scrapping lol.

I have also decided today I will showcase some of my favourite artisans off Etsy and other funky places I regularly drool over. I will probably do one a week for now, unless I get more free time haha!

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