Monday, 2 February 2009

New Jewellery and life in general

Woah, Its been a month or so since I last blogged! Well, I got my Uni work finished and handed in, so Im just waiting to pick it up as its getting marked. My designs didnt turn out the way my illustrations look, but nevermind, Im still happy with them. I found out I can machine Applique woohoo! And i really enjoyed it haha.
Im meeting Cassandra from Gee How Quaint next week to have a chat about working with her for my placement which will be great! She prints using a Gocco printer onto fabric and makes really sweet bags and t shirts.
I also had a brainwave...Im going to buy a Screen Printing kit!!! I love screen printing, I can afford one, why not!? So my plan is, buy one, print my illustrations onto fabric/tshirts, and start selling them in the shop.

Since I finished Uni Ive been ordering alot of charms etc, so I finally got round to making some new jewellery for the shop. I also made a few fimo charms amongst the plastic ones :)

Hope you like!!

Oh, and here is my new logo for the shop, drawn and coloured in photoshop by moi ;)

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