Thursday, 5 March 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeee!

Haha, well, im 22 today! I sooo dont feel like it, plus I think I still look about 16 haha.
So, today me and Karl will be going to a cute little Italian for lunch (they do 3 courses lunchtime special for £5.95!!). Then, tonight we are going to a chinese restaurant with my mum and lil brother...can you guess...we loooove food :P Im going to open my presents also tonight, I wanted to do it when mum wasnt rushing for work haha.
I got this weird card in the post though, it was off my uncle. The picture was just strange, Im not sure if he meant it to be funny, or if it was a card he just found in the house, but it upset me :( Mum stuck it in the drawers, so I dont have to look at it. Apart from that though the morning has been good so far, plus Clare sent me a really sweet text ^__^

Im going bowling tommorrow night with Karl and Lewis and everyone, so that should be fun, aint seen some of them for agees! Ooh, and they turn the bowling alley into a disco at night haha!

My placement is going really well also. I made 4 super cute felt cupcake badges for Cassandra, so they will go online soon I think. My printing needs work though, I never realised how hard Gocco printing was! I think though, its similar to screen printing in the sense that you dont really know how it will turn out until you have printed it. Its alot of fun though! Ill get the hang of it eventually ;)

Haha, im currently drinking coffee and watching Jeremy Kyle, wow, my days are so exciting lol! I might as well make the most of lounging around while I can though hehe. I really want to make something later though, anyone have any ideas? I either want to sew something, or make something out of fimo..hmmmm :) xoxo