Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Funky finds

So, I sort of went abit awol with the whole featured sellers thing didnt I? I had a bit of a blah week, kind of ill :( Im okayish now though, although I need to go back to the docs again to get fixed haha.

Im back on track now though, went to Gee today. Cassandra is getting ready for the Maker Faire this weekend...Im really excited as I havent worked at a *crafty* fair before!

I just wanted to post some adorable things I have found whilst searching the net for my wish list :P One day I will have the money to buy some of these things!!

I adore bright, cute, childish things, so these fit perfectly with my style. Check out the links to visit these awesome sellers' shops and see their other amazing crafty items!

1. Drink Me Alice in Wonderland Resin necklace by FashionCandy

2. Let Them Eat Cupcake Cameo necklace by mlleclorofil

3. Sweet Tattoo Pinup Girls coaster set of 4 by PinkyToast

4. Kimono Cuties gift tags by LemonTreeStudio

5. Lick Your Pick necklace by SugarAndSpiceDIY

6. Wizard Of Oz small clutch by simbiosisbyjulia

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