Monday, 16 March 2009

Maker Faire UK

Wow, this weekend has been totally awesome! Tiring, but totally worth it. Cassandra had a spot at the first UK Makers Faire, which luckily for us was only in Newcastle (so not far for us to travel).
It kicked off on Saturday at 10am, and finished yesterday at 5pm. It was really worth it to be there as I got to see first hand how to run a stall at a fair (which is what I want to do soon!). It was a brilliant mix of people, crafters and techies. I met some lovely people, and saw some amazing projects.
Here are some piccies from the faire :)

This was Cassandra's large artwork backdrop she did by hand, how pretty is it!? :)

Haha I dont remember this being taken! Me listening (and looking very serious) to Cassandra explain how the Gocco printer works.

This was the mechanical horse that made noises, played music and moved by remote control, oh and he also breathed fire!

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