Sunday, 21 June 2009

No time

Gawd, Ive had no time to do anything for the shop lately! Ive been working like 40 hours a week and when I get home Im so tired I just want to get into bed. Its crappy, but I need the money.

The cats are doing fine, we actually have 3 now, I cant even remember if I mentioned we were going to adopt a cat. Hes cute, hes called Murphy and hes huge and hes 4 :D He stinks sometimes. And he had worms, but apart from that hes cool hehe.

I have my work room set up, just havent had the time to actually do anything. Im hoping Ill get some stuff sorted though next week as I have 2 whole days off, OMG! Hahaha.

Also, just to let everyone know, Im offering a free, yes freeee, surprise gift with every necklace order on so grab them while you can!!!


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