Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Soo unbelievably tired

Work. That seems to be all I do these days. Im so tired from it. I worked out I did 42 hours last week, akk. Im hoping I will have more time to get the shop going again soon, although I say that alot!

I actually had a day off yesterday though, so we went to see Drag me to hell. My god, it was a weird film! It was funny and scary haha. The old woman was freaky! I also treated myself to some cute hairclips..they are pink polkdot hearts yay!

Ive been invited to Pride in August, reeeally hope I can get the time off to go! Chazzalaroo is back so we met up the other night, she had some mad stories to tell from Peru hehe.

Im going to sign off now, but before I go, please visit my shop, for a limited period if you buy ANY necklace you will get a surprise free gift!!!

Make sure you add it to your cart! xoxo

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