Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Waaaaaaaaaaa, its been too long!

Eww, and I just put my hand in a puddle of meg spit, nice. (she dribbles constantly, silly kitty!)

Right so, its been a while. Ive been working alot, but finally my hours have gone down abit so I have had some crafty me time! ^__^

I spruced up the shop website...after clicking on every damn option on admin on Mr Site. It looks snazzy now though!! Here's a screenshot:-

Just incase you dont know, its ;)

I decided to make some new earrings for the shop, which I will unveil to the world in a few days :D All I can say is they are pretty darn cute!!

Also, I have signed up to two craft fairs, one of which is the Craft Mafia fair at the Cluny, Newcastle Sun 16th August!!! (Poster created by a fellow craft mafian :D)

Clearer details can be found at

Also, incase you havent seen these, I thought I would share. Momiji Doll Gashapons! ^___^ I popped into the Travelling Man the other week and low and behold they have a Gashapon machine...*squeals*!!! You can also buy them from Chicki if you dont have a shop near you that sells them. They had loads of different kinds, so I got two haha. I got a winner ticket (yes, you can also win Momiji goodies from them!) in my first, which won me some really cute Momiji greetings cards, and inside the ball I got super cute stickers and a little tote bag with a doll print on. The second gashapon I bought came with cute stickers and 2 seriously cute key covers! I really should have taken a pic of these. Here is a pic of some other goodies you can get inside from chicki....

I think Im going to scoot now, need to order loads of fimo to get cracking for the craft fair, I managed to use up ALL of my white, and glitter white, doh! xoxo

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