Sunday, 16 August 2009

The Cluny Craft Market

Today was the Newcastle Craft Mafia's first Craft Market at The Cluny. It was also my first ever craft fair! It was so much fun, tiring though as I had to get the bus through with all my stuff as the damn trains dont run at normal times on a Sunday haha!

It was great to meet some of the other member's from our group, and to see what cool things they make.
I sold 6 things woohoo!!! I wasnt even expecting to sell anything haha, so it was a pleasant surprise :) I also bought two things, one of which was a gorgeous button bracelet from Nuada Accessories and the other a super cute felt milk bottle magnet from Giant Button . I wanted so many things but I didnt have much money on me so Ill wait till next time to buy more goodies!

Here is some pictures of my stall/table, and some shots of the market in action:-

It wasnt very busy but I think the more we do it and the more people here about it we will get more visitors :) I have decided that although my fabric for my table super funky and colourful, I felt that it ditracted from the necklaces I had lying on it. Hmm, so now Im thinking, either choose a plain fabric *cries* lol, or buy some sort of necklace board to hang them on....

I also need to get my photos of all the new stock and hairclips taken asap so I can pop them on the website, since its looking abit bare, oops!


  1. lol!

    A pretty but plain piece of material that compliments the colours of the jewellery would make them stand out more.

    Congrats on selling some pieces :)

  2. Thanks for the comment, I shall defos try that for next time :D I totally didnt think when I bought the furry fabric about how the jewellery would look on it haha, doh! Thanks again :D

  3. Aw, wow! I never knew about this. I'm leaving newc in 2 weeks. so bummed about that.

    Would have loved to have participated and met fellow crafters!

    Well done for selling, i'm sure it is more than I would have sold! x

  4. Aww no way! You will have to come down to the fair next time your up in Newcastle :D Im sure you would have sold loads, your stuff is soo cute! ^__^ Thanks hun xx

  5. your stall looks so cute! loads of goodies! totally feel your pain about the working too much! my shop is in vacation mode because i can't keep up . It truly sucks! xx

  6. Aww yeah its crappy isnt it! I wish I had more time to focus on the shop, im always too tired after work lol! xx

  7. I would have to say the same thing as Jewel Divas, next time pick a plain colour for the table cloth.
    Also I think you should hang some more on a jewelery holder (like those earrings shown in the pics)
    Well done selling 6 things !!