Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Big changes

Hmm, I have had a pretty stressful week. Basically, we have to sell the house. Mum needs to downsize, so me and Karl are going to get a place together :D Its awesome, I cant wait, I just wish that I had a job of some sort (I mean besides the failing online shop) so that I didnt have to worry so much about money :(

We went for a viewing at a cute 2 bedroom terrace house though yesterday, and we love it! Fingers crossed they ring back and say we can rent it soon. I also get to take my kitties, yay! Im sooo glad, I would miss them so much if I had to leave them.

But yeah, the stressy part is the fact that no matter wherever I look, there is NO jobs I can apply for, well apart from the 2 I have (which I no doubt wont hear back from as usual). Thats the problem with living in a small town. It wouldnt be as bad if I was making some sales on my Etsy, but for some reason its all died a death. Is it my prices? My actual jewellery? I really dont understand. I hope that when I can afford my own site, that might help.

Its quite odd that now I am going to post a picture of me in the sellers showcase now..since Ive just said Im not making any moneys haha! Its still nice to see me on there though. Last time I did it I got alot of traffic to the shop and it helped with sales, maybe everyone is just as skint as me at the moment though!

I also had a peek on Cassandra's shop, she has the cupcake brooches I made for her on there now, yay!!

You can see them at Gee How Quaint in the Hostess with the Mostest section. Also, check out her super cool teacup Gocco print t-shirts in the Wear Me section!

Im going to log off now, have some final preparations to make for Karl's Bday tommorrow now hehe! xoxo

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