Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Beauty samples

A few years ago I used to search the web for free samples of beauty products and perfumes, it was a great way of finding out about new brands and trying them without having to buy full size products. I decided to go on the hunt again for some new samples recently and stumbled upon a website called Glossybox. Basically, you pay £10 a month and they send you a cute box with 5 samples of good quality beauty products! I'm pretty gutted that I just missed out on one, and now have to wait until September when I can get their next one, but considering you can get samples of NARS, OPI and other great brands, I think I can hold out until then!

I have however read a few reviews from girls who have received their Glossybox and not been totally happy with some of the products, but I think it all depends on what you like, some people may like facial creams but not nail polishes, others may like hair products and not lipsticks. I'm pretty much an all rounder though! I love make up, and nail products (as I'm training to become a Nail Technician!), hair care products are always handy, and I like trying new creams for my face as sometimes it gets dry, then oily, then dry again *grr!*.
I googled for similar sites that offer things like this and found a website called Boudoir Prive which will be launching very soon I believe! The idea is similar, you pay £10 a month but you recieve 6 luxury beauty samples, instead of 5!

On my hunt for samples and freebies I found another site called Latest In Beauty which again is a similar idea to GlossyBox and Boudoir Prive. The idea behind Latest In Beauty is that you sign up and fill in your details such as skin tone, hair and eye colour, skin type (dry/oily etc) and then for just £1 you get to pick 3 beauty samples that they match to your needs and send you it out in a little box called the Beauty Box! You can order it every month and they also have a section where you can order larger sizes of luxury samples at low prices. If you like what you try you can purchase full size products also on the site!

It only takes about 2-3 days to recieve your box in the post so fingers crossed mine should be here very soon, I'm so excited!

The last thing I wanted to share with you today was some beauty competitions I found. If you sign up to the Loreal Paris Beauty Confidential page there are about 5 competitions where you can win 1 of 1000 Lash Architect 4D mascaras, Golden Goody bags and 1 of 1000 Glam Shine Fresh lip glosses and more!

I also went shopping last Saturday, mainly to get some mascara as I had nearly ran out, but bought some other stuff, so I will share my mini make up haul with you tomorrow for some more fun stuff! xoxo


  1. Great post! Definitely going to have to check this out :)

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  2. Thanks! :) Ooh cool I'll go and check it out now! :D x