Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Mini Make Up haul

Hey all,

My camera decided to die on me the other day when I planned to take pics of my make up and samples so I had to wait until the weekend to borrow the other half's camera haha!

As I had said in my previous post, I went shopping the other weekend, mainly to pick up some bits and pieces I was running out of such as mascara and concealer but as usual I got side-tracked and picked some other things up too!
I love Barry M make up, and their nail polishes are fab! I decided to get the Mint Green and light blue (Blueberry shade) to go with my pale pinks and lilac I bought a while back. I love how nice they are to apply, no air bubbles and even coverage, so I tend to only need 2 coats if I'm wanting my nails really bright.
I also picked up some MUA products as my mum had told me she tried their eye shadows and they were really good, especially for only £1 each! She was right! I got an electric blue eyeliner (love my bright colours!) which is really bright. It lasts really well too, I thought it would just smudge or fade but it really stays on my skin well. I also got a purple eye shadow for £1. It is very silky and seems quite pigmented for such a cheap shadow :) You can build up the colour with these so you can wear them very pale, or brighter if you want. I also wanted another green nail polish so decided to try 2True, another cheapy brand hehe. It was only £1.99 for the bottle, although I have yet to try it out and see how if it is any good.

I love perfume, and hate not having any...which I managed last month when I ran out and had no pennies for any more. I usually wear Britney Spears Curious (yeah laugh if you want, but it smells really nice!!!).
I decided to try something new when I got paid though, and was flicking through the Avon catalogue and stumbled upon about 5 fragrances that I totally loved! (The catalogue has scratch and sniff bits, which I was a bit dubious about, as I wasn't sure if the actual perfumes would smell like the page did!) I decided to order 2 of the ones I liked though, as they were both half price.
Perfume images from the Avon site

I ordered Scentini (Plum twist) which is a really fruity, summery fragrance. I partly ordered it because of the bottle though, I love pretty things! And the fun thing with this perfume is you have to shake it to activate the smell! It is a really fun perfume that is quite subtle, and it sort of feels like a dry body oil when you are wearing it. The other perfume I bought is called Incandessence, another fruity but slightly stronger and more elegant fragrance I would say. This one is better in terms of the smell lasting all day, I have worn it a few times and not needed to re-spray later in the day (bonus!).

I also received some samples of LN Girls mineral cosmetics in the post which I will blog about next time. I hope you have enjoyed my mini haul! ^_^

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