Friday, 15 July 2011

LN Girls samples and review

Hey everyone,

So, as you know, I applied for some samples from various cosmetic companies the other week. One of those was LN Girls Mineral Makeup. I actually came across this brand through a beauty forum, so filled my details in and sent my email off asking for a couple of samples to review and try. I didn't get a reply so was thinking maybe I wouldn't get anything, but then 2 days later I received two samples in the post! :D Talk about quick!!

The first thing I noticed about this company is that they really do promote natural ingredients. There are no dyes, talcs, fillers or chemical preservatives in their products. They are also suitable for any skin type, so if you are like me and have oily AND dry skin, these are fab for it! They don't test on animals either (yay!).

I didn't ask for any specific colours but since found out if you ask they will send you a sample colour of your choice. I received two really cute little pots, one is mineral foundation in Bride-To-Be, and the other is a mineral veil in Matt Glow.

Onto the samples:-

Mineral foundation in Bride-To-Be

*Easy to apply
*Natural SPF 15
*Lasts well without continuous re-application
*Slight sparkly sheen to it
*Could be used as a highlighter for brows etc also

Cons: None!

Mineral Veil in Matt Glow

*Absorbs oil
*Easy to apply
*reduces shine

Cons: *Colour was too dark for me (But, I want to say, they have two different shades of mineral veil and this one is actually intended for darker skin so I'm sure if I tried the lighter shade it would suit my colouring)

After testing these products out I would definitely say I would buy from them. They were super quick in delivering the samples, quality of products are great, website is fairly easy to navigate and they also have helpful hints for different skin tones (see their asian and/or darker skin tones) recommendations!

Check out for their full range of makeup!


  1. Thanks for the review darling! That's pretty cool how they give you samples to try and review! I never seen most site that do them.

  2. No probs hun :) Yeah I know! I was really happy when they came through the post 2 days later! Really wasn't expecting anything lol.

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    Un abbraccio e ...grazie! Ciao!

  4. Hi! Aww thank you! :) Awesome I will check your blog out now ^_^ Emma x