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CEW (UK) 2011 Winners box

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A while ago I mentioned a website called Latest in Beauty. They provide beauty samples and luxury samples for very small prices. They do a monthly box for only £1 (bargain!) where you can pick 3 samples, and if you like them you can purchase full size products from their online shop!

They have just introduced a new section to their site called "themed boxes". Of course I ordered their first one as soon as I found out as it was a total bargain for only £4.95 with free p+p! The idea is that they will bring out a themed box six times a year, which will contain seasonal picks, products designed for a specific beauty issue or a branded box in conjunction with a retailer.

Here is the list of their 6 boxes for the next year:-

* The 2011 CEW Beauty Insiders Choice Award Winners Box
* The Party Prep Box
* The New Year, New You Box
* The Spring Clean Your Beauty Regime Box
* The Endless Summer Box
* The Fall into Winter Box

I was really impressed at how quickly they dispatched my box, I think I only had about 3 days to wait from ordering to receiving it! Unfortunately my ever so kind postman decided to jam the box in my post box which resulted in it actually getting stuck and completely ripped one side (idiot!). I had to actually pull it back out from the front door as it was completely stuck! Does anyone else have such useless postmen?

As the title of the post says, the first box is the CEW (Cosmetic Executive Women) UK. The box contains some key products from the CEW awards in sample sizes.

"The Cosmetic Executive Women Beauty Awards were introduced in the UK in 2006 to recognise outstanding innovation and creativity in beauty products. The winning products are voted for by the members of CEW (UK) – beauty insiders, women who work in the industry. The Awards are considered a showcase for new and exciting products, as well as some great classics. Winning products are allowed to carry the “Beauty Insider’s Choice Winners Seal” which tells the consumer when she buys this product she has chosen wisely." (

The good thing about this box is you know what you are getting, so you wont get any unwanted surprises.
Okay, so onto the goodies!! In the box I received a 15ml tube of Clarins Multi-Active Day Early Wrinkle correction cream, 50ml can of Batiste Dry shampoo (fragrance may vary), 15ml tube of Nivea for Men Q10 revitalising gel, Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash (other boxes may contain the Balance Me Hydrating Rose Otto and Shea Butter Salve), Dr. Organic Rose Otto skin lotion-5ml sachet and a sachet of Lanolips 101 Ointment. I can't get over how cheap this box was, as the products are all worth over £20!!

I am really excited to try the Clarins cream, as sadly I have started to get lines on my forehead (okay well I am 24 I guess!) and have been wanting to try an anti-wrinkle cream for a while now. I reckon it will be good, although if I decide to get a full size I will need some money as its about £39 for a full size tube (eek!). The Nivea for Men gel will be getting tested by my other half, as he suffers from dry and tired skin. As I already use Batiste this will come in handy for my handbag, as it's just the right size, and I will be having a pamper night soon where I will test out the other samples!

I will post my reviews on these products in about 2-3 weeks, which should give me enough time to try them all properly. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who loves trying new beauty products out, as it is by far the cheapest and now that they will be bringing out their themed boxes I think it just adds so much to their company. I also like the fact that all orders are one off payments, so their is no subscription fee like Boudoir Prive and Glossy Box.

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