Monday, 15 August 2011

Nail polish treats


I totally forgot in my last post to add my newest nail polishes which I got from Sally's the other day when I was in Newcastle...oops!

I had seen a post by A Little Bit of Eki about one of OPI's new polishes from their Summer 2011 "Nice Stems" collection called 'I Lily Love You' and knew I HAD to have this colour! I went on the hunt for it but instead of finding a full size bottle in Sally's they had the whole miniature collection instead! Thanks to my smexy Trade card (love being a beauty student!) I managed to get the set for a little over £6, instead of £12.99...not bad eh!?

I also decided to try 2 of the Nina Ultra Pro nail laquers as they had a special deal on them. I got Royale Purple and a pearly pale green colour (which I have just realised doesn't have the name sticker on the bottle!).

I have played around with all my new polishes and have to say the OPI's are fantastic, I really want to get a full size bottle of the I Lily Love You so will most probably just order it off the net, since I couldn't find it in any shops round here. I also love the Nina Ultra's, but found the green wasn't as bright as in the bottle. I did two coats and feel it still wasn't strong enough, so maybe this could be a colour I could apply over a more opaque green to add a nice shimmer.

I also said in my last post I would be blogging about my new "fauxnad" set. I did play around with my new stuff on Fri and Sat night but sadly on Saturday my thumb nail decided to completely rip off. I had caught it at work and tried to save it with nail glue but with the amount of swatching and nail polish remover I kept doing to my nails it gave in and came off! And in true Emma style I couldn't bear to have one short nail so decided to cut the rest off (*cries*)! So my fauxnad adventures will have to be put on hold until my nails grow to a nice length again, sorry!

I am debating on whether or not to do some Gel extensions on myself tonight, as I have my friend coming round for a set on Wednesday and want to get some practice in before then. I'll see how I feel after tea though as I am totally exhausted most of the time nowadays haha!


  1. Now THAT is a purple! I keep meaning to try some OPI, but even at duty free they were a little out of my price range. :( One day..

  2. Yeah, I am really impressed with the Nina Ultra pro purple polish, it's gorgeous when it catches the light! Aww I know, OPI are quite expensive, I try to get mine from Sally's since I get mine at trade price, but they don't have all the shades at my local shop :( They are a dream to paint on though, the brushes are fantastic!